Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chocolate Milk for Post-Workout Recovery? Yes, Please!

There is almost nothing better than chugging a glass of cold chocolate milk. 

It’s cool, it’s refreshing and it has that wonderful hit of chocolate!  And to add to the list, research is now suggesting that it is also one of the best things you can drink to replenish exhausted muscles after a vigorous workout!  Can it get any better? 

Joel Stager is a physiologist at the Human Performance laboratory at Indiana University.  He has been studying this wonderful theory and has concluded that it beats out plain milk, water and most sports drinks.  Check it out here!

This is because chocolate milk has double the carbs and protein, which is ideal for replenishing those tired muscles!  Its water content replaces lost fluids and packs a bonus of calcium.

Go online and you will find plenty of other sources to drive the chocolate milk post-workout train!

So, the next time you get done rocking out a great workout, grab a glass of chocolate milk.  I can tell you that I’ve done it and not only do I absolutely look forward to it after my workouts,  I do feel better, more replenished and ready to rock out the next one!

-Posted by Certified Personal Trainer Kelley Fleming