Monday, August 20, 2012

Are You Moisturizing Enough During the Summer?

While it’s true that more moisturizers are purchased and used during the winter months when humidity is lower, and indoor heat makes the air even drier, it is just as important to use a good moisturizer in the summertime.

Why is this?  There are a few main reasons you need to moisturize in the humid, summer months:

1.)   Air conditioning.  Where are you usually on hot summer days?  Most likely in an air conditioned car, office, or house.  Besides cooling, air conditioners also dry out the air.  Dry air is the enemy of healthy skin and will make crow’s feet, lines and wrinkles more visible.
2.)   Sweat.  When it’s hot, our skin perspires to keep us cool by evaporation.  The moisture from perspiration is a saline (salty) solution, and the salt will dry out your skin as the perspiration evaporates.  
3.)   Last but not least, the hot, summer sun.  It’s harsh on the skin and will also dry it out!
Additionally, where moisture is needed most isn’t on the outside of the skin, it is deep within the outer layer of skin.  If you don’t have sufficient moisture in the deeper layers, you will not be maintaining optimum skin health and lines and wrinkles will be more apparent. 

So, don’t forget to moisturize and always drink lots of water to keep you hydrated!

-Posted by Lina Harooni, AE