Monday, July 23, 2012

What's Your Motivation to Live a Healthier Life?

I started exercising when I was in my mid-twenties.  Prior to that time, I was active, but definitely not physically fit.    My motivation to start exercising was prompted by a case of sibling rivalry, and in turn, it eventually became my career path.

My sister and I have been best friends forever.  She started a family and an exercise program about 18 months before me.   So, by the time my son was born, she was looking pretty awesome.  We were planning a beach trip together and I decided that there was no way I could go with her to the beach looking out of shape.   I had eight months to get myself in bathing suit condition.

While I never had an actual weight problem, I wasn’t looking and feeling so great.   That was enough motivation for me to follow my older sister’s lead and start exercising too.   I wasn’t a gym-going kind of girl, so I started with exercise videos - and yes, I will show my age, but Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith, two well know names in home exercise program libraries 20+ years ago, became my fitness coaching best friends.   I took the plunge and accepted that fact that I needed to sweat a little and put some effort forth if I wanted to see results.

After a few weeks, I started to see results, and after several months, I was hooked on my exercise program and began eating healthier.   I became more aware of my diet and made sure I found a way to fit my work out into my daily routine.    Within a few years, friends started asking me what I was doing to stay in shape and were coming to me for workout advice. 

Maybe it was turning 40 that took me to the next level, but I decided to try to incorporate jogging into my exercise program.   Until then, I avoided jogging mainly because on previous tries, I could barely get 5 minutes in before I started to feel that nagging side cramp.

Much to my surprise, I was able to get a mile in!  And, not before long, that 1 mile became 5 miles and I was able to run Burke Lake.   For me, this was awesome - I love being outside!   Put me on a piece of stationary equipment in a gym and my attention span would allow me maybe 5 minutes… but, put me outdoors and I could go forever - the feeling for me is invigorating!

Over time, it was a natural progression for me to move into the health and fitness industry.   In my spare time, I was becoming educated on healthy living and implementing these healthy choices at home.   I sought out medical facilities and physicians who were willing to think outside the “prescription” box.

This journey has led me to where I am today, working as part of the staff of Nova Medical Group.   I am thrilled to be part of a medical team where traditional and integrative medicines come together, offering a place where people can come for restorative and preventative care. 

The Medical Spa at Nova’s staff of massage, aesthetics and fitness professionals are highly skilled and devoted people who are committed to helping others live healthier, fuller lives.

What is even more important to me is that I’ve made a positive impact on my son by implementing this active lifestyle at home over the past 24 years.   I am proud to say that he has become a very health conscious adult.   Exercise and healthy eating are a part of his daily routine.   Recently, he thanked me for teaching him these healthy habits throughout his life.

It is a wonderful feeling for me, both professionally and personally, to know that I am helping others on their journey to wellness.   And, just think, this journey all started from a small case of sibling rivalry!