Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fitness & Massage: The Perfect Complement!

Do you know what's right up my alley?  Fitness and massage: the perfect combination!

I am partial since I love to exercise and receive massage, but I have found that this combination helps to keep life balanced.  I have always enjoyed exercise and I realize that not everyone likes the feeling of exertion, but, when life seems to be overcoming you and you just need to blow out some steam, getting out on a walk or run seems to always serve the purpose.

Then, after all of that hard work, I find that getting a massage to further relieve the stress and strain of life (and muscles) is the secret of steady state living; it always gives me the ability to face the next day's challenges.

According to Busy Women’s Fitness, "There are literally zillions of exercise benefits to be gained through a regular fitness plan."  If you look up this article, I'll bet you can find at least one reason that fits your needs.

For me, I like reducing stress and being able to perform activities of daily living.  I like only having to make one trip from my car to the house when carrying my groceries and being able to hold back my 75 pound dog from chasing a rabbit!

And, as mentioned above, massage is the perfect complement to exercise.  Check out  or to find out more about the different types of massages and what might work best for you.

You can also check out the massage services provided by The Medical Spa at Nova.  Ask to speak with one of our massage therapists – (like me!) – to discuss the different techniques and services that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Well, time to go... gotta do some cardio!

Posted by Pauline Lockard, CMT